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Ethan Yang

The US-China Currency Rivalry: Choosing Sides

“Whether China’s currency will shave off a sizable portion of the dollar’s global usage is yet to be seen. Still, there is no doubt that the world is entering a new monetary rebalancing.” ~ Ethan Yang & Dorothy Chan


Nicolas Cachanosky

Are Supply Chain Issues Driving Inflation?

“Inflation can be a serious problem, especially if it becomes persistent. Yet, the willingness of politicians to blame supply disturbances and corporations rather than acknowledging that loose monetary policy is largely responsible for today’s inflation is even more worrisome.” ~ Nicolás Cachanosky


Raymond March

Monkeypox and Leviathan?

“As far as public health crises are concerned, monkeypox is not in the same league as Covid-19. They are entirely different. But they share a disturbing similarity- their potential to expand and help retain government power. And this seems unpreventable.” ~ Raymond J. March 


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