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Donald J. Boudreaux

If I Could Paint

“How I wish that I could make more visible – literally visible – to the eye the economy’s teeming, streaming, pulsing, gargantuan – yet almost completely invisible and silent – interconnectedness and complexity. The person who paints such a picture would provide a great service to humankind.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Daniel Klein

FDR Versus Liberalism: Quotations From David Green, 1987

“In my view, one does well to climb out of Roosevelt’s trenches and rejoin the great arc of Western civilization. The more people who uphold the liberal semantic christened by Adam Smith, the better.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


Kevin Dowd

The Fantasy Prediction of 510,000 Deaths

“The 510,000 figure, which turned the world on its head, was a fantasy number churned out by absurd modeling of a zero-probability event. Cummings does not see that the reason why the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak escalated into the public policy catastrophe that it became was the fundamentally flawed Imperial College modeling on which the government based its response.” ~ David Campbell & Kevin Dowd


Peter C. Earle

Sound Money Still Matters

“By making precious metals a more integral part of citizens’ lives, state gold depositories are key to a return to sound money.” ~ Peter C. Earle


James Bovard

Will Biden’s Sham Corruption Crackdown Endanger Freedom?

“Joe Biden has never provided any evidence that he is more trustworthy on corruption than any other career Washington politician. Regardless of the plaudits that Biden receives, new federal crackdowns on cryptocurrency and “pernicious foreign influence” could roil financial markets and undercut freedom of the press.” ~ James Bovard


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