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David Waugh

New Study Challenges CDC Evidence on School Masking

“The results of this study demonstrate, with more data and robustness than the CDC’s own paper, that masks in schools are an ineffective tool against COVID-19. The CDC’s decision not to publish this study in their journal only further discredits the agency.” ~ David Waugh


Alexander W. Salter

Yes, Supply Problems Can Cause Inflation

“We use models, mathematical or otherwise, because they help us understand the real world. Let’s not define that world out of existence. Supply problems can, in fact, cause inflation.” ~ Alexander William Salter


Marsha Familaro Enright

Can the Liberal Arts Restore American Liberty?

“We have to keep in laser focus: What kind of education helps young people learn how to live in freedom? To develop autonomy? To discover how to be entrepreneurs of their own lives? In other words, what is a truly liberating education?” ~ Marsha Familaro Enright


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