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Art Carden

George Stigler, Memoirs of an Unregulated Economist

“For people who understand that there is more in our beloved dismal science that is worth knowing than just what is in the pages of the latest issue of the American Economic Review, books like Memoirs of an Unregulated Economist are a great way to invest one’s time.” ~ Art Carden


Paul Moreno

Building Uncle Sam, Inc.

“For all its shortcomings, Talbert’s story has many interesting insights, and he is at least historian enough not to abet the revisionist attempt to concoct a ‘usable past’ to legitimize the administrative state.” ~ Paul D. Moreno


Robert Mulligan

COVID-19 and the Labor Market

“The last several recessions, even going back farther than 2000, have done lasting damage to the US economy, especially labor markets, and so far it appears the COVID-19 recession has been no exception.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


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