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Max Gulker

The Struggle Over “Basic Economics”

“If any economist in the classical tradition, from Smith to Hayek, ever argued that free markets and competition yielded “perfect” outcomes, I am not aware of it. But the mathematical and graphical modelling of perfect competition and “supply and demand” stand as the gutted remains of basic economics.” ~ Max Gulker


Edward Stringham

Nobel Laureate Michael Levitt on the Lockdowns: “I think it is a huge mistake”

“Michael Levitt is Professor of computer science and structural biology at Stanford Medical School and winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in chemistry. He has been a close observer of the pandemic and the response from the outset through its movement to Europe, the U.K., and the U.S..” ~ Edward Stringham


John Tamny

Anti-Lockdowners Win the Numbers Game this Time. What about the Next Time?

“If we make the C-19 argument solely about numbers, we hand the very politicians who created so much economic misery the power to do so again. Let’s not do that.” ~ John Tamny


Alexander W. Salter

Fed Lending Programs Might Be Legal, but They’re Still Bad Policies

“Congress should not use the Fed to accomplish fiscal goals through monetary means. There is no good reason to give the Fed a free pass just because their irresponsible decisions come with statutory cover.” ~ Alexander W. Salter


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