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William J. Luther

Inflation Slowed in April, But Remains High

“The Fed increased its federal funds rate target by 50 basis points in May 2022 and looks set to follow with similar rate hikes in June and July. The price level data from April shows no anticipatory effects of the policy.” ~ William J. Luther


Llewellyn King

Censorship Isn’t the Solution to Social Media’s Ills

“When you start down this slope there is no apparent end. Euphemisms take over from plain speech, and we live in a society in which the use of the wrong word can suggest that you are not fit for public office or to teach.” ~ Llewellyn King


Byron Carson

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Public Choice Economist

“Public choice logic remains relevant in the real world, even for our more pressing political controversies. Perhaps we should pay more attention to Obi-Wan, his public choice logic, and the larger political economy issues the Star Wars franchise ingeniously portrays.” ~ Byron B. Carson III


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