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Robert Hughes

Initial Claims Remain Very Low; Minor Revisions to First-Quarter GDP

Initial claims remain very low in May, but revised data still show a poor performance for private domestic demand in the first quarter. Though economic data are still somewhat mixed, some recent positive signs are emerging.


Bruce Yandle

Trade Wars: A Real-Life Game of Thrones

Unlike marvelously created made-for-television episodes where someone usually emerges victorious, in trade wars, everyone loses.


Robert E. Wright

These are Not Just Opinions

Financial Exclusion is my nineteenth book and the vetting, editing, and publishing processes with AIER far surpassed those of the commercial and university presses I have published with previously.


Brian C. Albrecht

Are Financial Crises Driven By Supply Or Demand Shocks?

In a new NBER working paper, Felipe Benguria and Alan M. Taylor consider whether financial crises usually stem from the demand or supply side of the market.


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