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Donald Siegel

The Twilight Zone, Hogan’s Heroes, and the Emotional Support Mask

“Perhaps masks simply provide an emotional support mechanism for people who have been unfortunately frightened out of their wits by the pseudo-scientists and the profit-maximizing media. It’s time to ditch the emotional support mask and those who advocate its use.” ~ Donald Siegel & Robert Sauer


Gregory van Kipnis

The Fed Targets a Crafted Measure of Inflation: A Cautionary Tale

“Understanding government data for what they are and what they are not is vital to understanding the impossibility of targeting the cost of living, even though the Fed is targeting a crafted measure of price inflation.” ~ Gregory van Kipnis


Peter C. Earle

Biden’s Lumber Protectionism is Commercial Quarantine

“Biden’s doubling of Trump’s lumber tariffs will hurt US consumers, protect American firms from competition, and encourage further rent seeking.” ~ Peter C. Earle


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