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Robert Hughes

Inflation Fears and Declining Buying Conditions Extend the May Drop in Consumer Sentiment

“Consumer sentiment fell further in late May. Inflation, economic expectations, and deteriorating buying conditions are negatives while personal finances remain a positive. The outlook is highly uncertain.” ~ Robert Hughes


Marcus Witcher

Black Liberation Through the Marketplace: A Snapshot

“In a way, the entire book is an act of transitional justice, a commitment to create institutional memory for the survivors of Jim Crow and the neighborhood-destroying government boondoggles of the 20th century.” ~ Rachel Ferguson and Marcus M. Witcher


Tarnell Brown

Black Liberation Through the Marketplace: A Review

“The authors infuse their work with suggestions towards institutional, policy, and legal changes that empower disadvantaged subgroups to work towards their own flourishing within the market mechanism.” ~ Tarnell Brown


Robert E. Wright

Marketplace Liberation

“Importantly, the authors rightly disparage the view of slavery recently espoused by the so-called New History of Capitalism (NHC), a menagerie of bad history and worse economic theory critiqued by scholars like Eric Hilt, Phil Magness, Alan Olmstead, and Gavin Wright.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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