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James Bovard

Will the Pandemic Promote Political Power in Perpetuity?

“The more people who view government as their personal savior, the easier it becomes for politicians to demagogue to ever greater power. But as economist Warren Nutter warned, ‘The more that government takes, the less likely that democracy will survive.'” ~ James Bovard


Anthony Gill

Shadow of the State or Sunshine of Civil Society

“We are often too quick to pull the trigger on government regulation whenever we suspect a problem exists. It is important to first ask what civil society can do (or is doing) to mitigate that problem before deferring to the coercive shadowy state.” ~ Anthony Gill


Ethan Yang

Lockdowns Need to Be Intellectually Discredited Once and For All

“Unilaterally and arbitrarily shutting down all of economic and social life was never part of the solution, nor should it ever be. Covid-19 has been the first test for these experimental lockdown policies and no rational observer should look back at the results and conclude that this is all worth trying again.” ~ Ethan Yang


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