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Max Borders

Politics Is the Pathology. Morality Is the Cure.

“The world is forgetting timeless truths, distracted as they are by political spectacles and errant ideologies. Even if that means shouting into the wind, we must do everything we can to rediscover the human practices that guard civilization.” ~ Max Borders


Robert Hughes

Durable-goods Orders Rose Again in April

“Manufacturers’ new orders rose again in April and remain near record highs. Continued strength for business investment is a positive sign for the economic outlook but risks remain elevated.” ~ Robert Hughes


Nikolai Wenzel

The Return of Gonzo Journalism

“It’s harder and harder to find good reporting, as the media is increasingly concerned with advancing a particular narrative, without concern for objectivity. Understanding it as gonzo journalism provides a helpful heuristic.” ~ Nikolai G. Wenzel


Daniel Klein

You Are a Soul: Dedicated to the Vital Spirit of David Theroux

“Souls and persons are one-to-one, so it is natural that ‘human being’ be signified as either ‘soul’ or ‘person,’ each serving, according to my formulation, as a synecdoche for the human being.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


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