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Robert Hughes

New Single-Family Home Sales Plunged in April as Prices and Mortgage Rates Continue to Rise

“New-home sales plunged in April as prices and mortgage rates continue to surge. Elevated prices and rising mortgage rates are likely to weaken future demand.” ~ Robert Hughes


Robert E. Wright

Let Them Eat Breast Milk

“If you do have a full breast of milk, consider donating or selling it to starving babies, though perhaps not directly as wet nurses did in the days of old. It is still legal, for now, even in often crazy California to sell your milk.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Jon Miltimore

How Government Created the Baby Formula Shortage

“If the Biden administration is serious about addressing the baby formula shortage, they’d forget about ‘working around the clock’ and simply abolish the protectionist policies and regulations that are making it more difficult to purchase formula.” ~ Jon Miltimore


Ryan Young

Cronyism Makes the Baby Formula Shortage Worse

“When a recall or a shortage happens, parents would have far more options in a free market than in the current regulatory mess of cronyism and protectionism.” ~ Ryan Young


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