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Alexander W. Salter

Powell Admits that the Fed’s Actions Vastly Exceed Its Mandate

“Powell admits what’s happening now is outside the Fed’s purview. And, yet, the Fed is doing more than ever.” ~ Alexander Salter


Robert Hughes

Regional Fed Surveys Show Improving Expectations

Recent surveys suggest business current conditions remain extremely weak but expectations about the future are improving.


Jeffrey Tucker

Lockdown Suicide Data Reveal Predictable Tragedy

Data will be pouring in for many months and years: suicides, overdoses, domestic abuse, and every manner of social pathology. For years we will be left with the question of why. It’s too early for final answers, but the question will haunt us for the rest of our lives.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


John Tamny

Economic Planning Will Extend Economic Misery

“Central planning of resources doesn’t work during good times, which means it most certainly doesn’t during the bad.” ~ John Tamny


Barry Brownstein

Safety is Found in Principles, Not Lies

“Safety lies in the strength of our belief in strict limits on government power, the rule of law, and stable property rights. Honor these principles and safety will emerge from the actions of a free people, not the edicts of authoritarians.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Art Carden

Good Riddance to “Basic Life Skills”

“We are able to lead fuller and richer lives thanks to the global division of labor, and the “basic” life skills about which so many people fret are, it turns out, not so basic after all.” ~ Art Carden


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