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Robert Hughes

Existing-Home Sales Fall Again in April

“Existing-home sales fell in April as limited supply, rising prices and mortgage rates, and changing preferences work to cool the recent pace of activity.” – Robert Hughes


Joakim Book

The Success of Climate Mainstreaming

“Mainstreaming any important topic means to single-mindedly put everyone’s efforts in one basket and ignore all other important issues. That was my mistake ten years ago: not seeing the bigger picture. Now the world has caught up, keen on making that same mistake, central banks more so than most. Don Quixote de la Mancha sends his regards.” ~ Joakim Book


Ethan Yang

Running Out of Patience for the CDC

“Ultimately, the point of life is not about avoiding diseases and meeting arbitrary standards of health. Society has its necessary functions and its priorities that exist regardless of the recommendation of public health experts. It’s about time the CDC understood that.” ~ Ethan Yang


Art Carden

The Extent of the Market is Limited By the Imagination of the Regulators

“The regulatory state substitutes the knowledge and beliefs of regulators for the knowledge and beliefs of entrepreneurs and innovators. This means entrepreneurs and innovators have to divide their time between actually developing their product and convincing regulators to say ‘yes.’ Regulators are understandably overcautious because of their incentives.” ~ Art Carden


Micha Gartz

Fauci: “It’s a Manifestation of Your Honesty to Say, ‘Hey, I Was Wrong.’”

“Both Fauci and the CDC’s lack of transparency and honest communication during Covid will be remembered and will undermine public support in future pandemic responses. Perhaps if Dr. Fauci had spent less time indulging his desire for air time (with 300+ media appearances in 12 months) and honestly communicated up-to-date scientific findings, more Americans would feel comfortable about returning to normal life.” ~ Micha Gartz


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