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Warren Kindzierski

The Skew in Science That Feeds US EPA Regulation

“The burden to society will worsen as the EPA continues down a slippery slope. Americans need to be aware that the science used at the EPA for setting air quality regulation is skewed, expensive, and of dubious public health benefit.” ~ S. Stanley Young & Warren Kindzierski


Jordan Schachtel

How Team Biden Ended Covid Mania Overnight

“Team Biden was able to pull the plug on Covid Mania so swiftly because they have the ability to control the federal bureaucracy, in addition to having the support of the power brokers in D.C. and a cheerleading corporate press. Team Biden is a beneficiary of insider privilege, and they used it to end Covid Mania in a moment’s notice.” ~ Jordan Schachtel


Robert Hughes

Another New Pandemic Low for Weekly Initial Claims for Unemployment Benefits

“Initial claims for unemployment benefits moved lower again, suggesting a strengthening labor market and improving economic outlook.” – Robert Hughes


Art Carden

Being Careful With Numbers, Words, and Visions: Review of Thomas Sowell, Discrimination and Disparities

“Discrimination and Disparities is classic Sowell, and people who are already familiar with his work will find a lot of claims he has made elsewhere. However, these will likely be news to people who haven’t already read Intellectuals and Society, Intellectuals and Race, or Affirmative Action Around the World. Discrimination and Disparities is an important contribution with something to say to everyone who wants to understand the debate.” ~ Art Carden


Amelia Janaskie

Lockdowns in Taiwan: Myths Versus Reality

“Relative to other countries, Taiwan serves as a beacon of freedom: children still attended school, professionals continued to go to work, and businesspeople were able to keep their businesses open. However, the looming possibility of more lockdown restrictions might obstruct Taiwan’s hard-earned progress.” ~ Amelia Janaskie & Micha Gartz


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