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Chloe Anagnos

Marriott Finally Realizes That Competing With Airbnb Beats Lobbying Against It

When companies are allowed to compete openly, without resorting to the government for special protections that keep competitors at arm’s length, some firms may even suffer as they try to adapt to better serve their customers. But in the end, it is the consumer who benefits the most as more companies means more options and more affordable prices.


Social Anxiety
Chloe Anagnos

Do You Suffer From Social Anxiety? Uber Is Here for You

The firm has been in the business long enough to notice that certain users just don’t like to chat with their drivers. In order to keep these users happy (and prevent them from using another service in the future), Uber is rolling out a new “Quiet Mode” feature that gives the passenger the ability to pay more for a peaceful and undisturbed ride.


Donald J. Boudreaux

Antitrust’s Sordid History

The goal was to protect existing, politically influential producers from the competition of newer, more efficient firms.


Anthony Gill

Is Big Oil Really Manipulating Market Prices?

Market manipulation would be so much easier if you didn’t declare what your price is relative to the station down the street. And yet, of all the things we buy on a regular basis, the price at the pump is the most visible.


Jeffrey Tucker

Are Tariffs Killing People?

When you play politics with international trade, you play a very dangerous game that can result in vast collateral damage.


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