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Jeffrey Tucker

Did the Lockdown Save Lives?

No matter how much we try to spin this in our heads, no matter how much we want to believe that something good has come out of this catastrophe, we are all going to have someday to deal with the terrible but likely reality that it was all for naught.


J.P. Koning

Negative Interest Rates: A Free Market Phenomenon

Negative interest rates are not unnatural. They are a regular phenomenon in unregulated free markets.


Robert Hughes

Low Mortgage Rates May Support Housing Rebound

Low mortgage rates may provide some support for housing activity following a plunge in starts and permits in April.


Richard Salsman

The Plan to Have Red States Bail Out Blue States

My exhibit reveals a distinct, positive relationship between state politics and debts. The more a state was governed by Democrats in recent decades, the larger is its current debt burden; the more it was governed by Republicans, the smaller is its current debt load.


John Tamny

Masked Lockdowns are UnAmerican

Americans don’t quarantine out of fear of viruses, nor do these rugged individualists uniformly don masks to protect themselves. Instead, Americans are the solution to whatever the problem is; always too busy and productive to be held back by shelter-in-place orders and fears of N-95 shortages.


Per Bylund

What Sweden Can Teach Us About the Economics of Pandemics

Sweden will have avoided the lion’s share of the enormous economic, personal, and social tragedies that societies under lockdown have imposed on themselves. From this perspective, perhaps Sweden’s strategy should be neither feared nor maligned, but emulated.


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