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Anthony Gill

Is It Time to End the Filibuster? No!

“If Senator Warren really cares about democracy, she would do well by leaving the filibuster in place and allowing more legislative decisions to devolve to the state, county, and municipal level of government where ‘the people’ can really rule themselves.” ~ Anthony Gill


Robert Hughes

Warning Flags for Home Construction

“Single-family starts and permits fell in April. Surging mortgage rates and record home prices are major headwinds for demand, and when combined with elevated commodity costs, are pummeling homebuilder sentiment.” ~ Robert Hughes


Aron Solomon

Assessing the Baby Formula Shortage

“It’s not a ‘you keep buying it, we’ll make more’ situation because if it were that simple, the formula manufacturers would be happy to have that revenue. With no clearing in sight from the perfect storm of supply issues, consumers will continue to struggle.” ~ Aron Solomon


James L. Caton

Inflation: What Causes It, and When Will it Subside?

“The growth rate of currency in circulation has been back to pre-crisis rates for at least 2 quarters. We should expect inflation and the growth rate of expenditures to follow and inflationary winds to subside as a result.” ~ James L. Caton


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