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Robert E. Wright

The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s Decision Is Brilliant

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court decided by a 4-3 vote on Wednesday May 13, 2020 to strike down the state’s “Safer at Home” order, its COVID-19 economic lockdown in other words. It did so completely, immediately, and unequivocally.


Cases per Million
James L. Caton

Most Places are Not New York: A Look Through the COVID-19 Data

Economic activity in one country is dependent upon economic activity of its trading partners. Trade makes us rich because it allows each of us to provide value and offer it to others in the market. If half of the world is in lockdown, we are all poorer for it.


Raymond C. Niles

Needed: Millions of Individual Experiments

We must embrace individual freedom as the answer to this crisis. End the lockdowns, and end the collectivist approach to solving this crisis.


Robert Hughes

New Unemployment Claims Slowed Again, Dropping Below 3 Million

The labor market and the economy have been crushed by the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and government policy responses.


Kevin Dowd

To Make Banks Strong, Do Away with the Regulator

As the UK economy enters the COVID-19 downturn, the Bank of England (BoE) continues to maintain that the UK banks are strongly capitalised. The BoE’s claims are not to be believed.


Peter C. Earle

A Fate Worse than Death

Freedom is non-negotiable, human rights are inalienable, and human beings cannot and will not live in cages, however familiar or comfortably appointed. The emergence of a novel virus changes nothing about the principles.


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