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Robert Hughes

Retail Sales and Consumer Prices Rise in April; Consumer Sentiment Increases in Early May

Economic data released today paint a favorable picture of the economy and support a positive outlook over the next few quarters. Retail sales rose 0.4 percent in April following a 0.1 percent increase in March and a 0.2 percent drop in February. Both February and March were revised higher from initial estimates of −0.3 percent […]


Patrick Coate

Incentives in State Pension Plans: The Case of Teachers

Earlier this week, my colleague Theodore Cangero wrote about funding gaps in state pension programs. These can have negative consequences not only for state budgets but for residents currently employed in industries with state pensions whose regulations sometimes have adverse consequences for workers or the public. One well-studied example is public school teachers. Most states […]


Theodore Cangero

Americans Are Leaving States with Burdensome Governments

Internal migration has always been a part of America. The ability to move for a better job has promoted economic growth. AIER studies have shown that a better match between workers and employers helps productivity and wages. A new article from the Mises Institute shows that Americans are also moving for favorable tax environments. For […]


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