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Paul Kupiec

Operation Climate-Change Choke Point

“The Fed—an institution that, time and again, has proven that it cannot forecast the inflation rate or GDP growth over the next three months let alone years into the future—gets to decide what level of individual bank losses are ‘accurate’ in these hypothetical climate apocalypse scenarios.” ~ Paul H. Kupiec


Robert Hughes

Food Prices Send AIER’s Everyday Price Index Up 0.5 Percent in April

“AIER’s Everyday Price Index rose again in April led by food prices. Sustained price pressures, a new Fed tightening cycle, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and lockdowns in China are threats to the economic outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes


Clifford Thies

Twitter: The Tale of the Tape

“These times of polarization pose real challenges to mass marketers. Companies such as Twitter and Disney offend the sensibilities of the mass market at their own peril. And their recent stock prices suggest they could do better.” ~ Clifford F. Thies


Kim Murray

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids: The Case for Compromise

“Perhaps it’s time for CTFK to return to the negotiating table to reduce the number of people who smoke by guaranteeing adults access to safer tobacco alternatives, including flavored vapor products.” ~ Kim Murray


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