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Daniel Klein

Herd Immunity Is Misleading

If the right people—not elderly, not ailing—get the disease and adjust behavior suitably while contagious, it is good that they get it behind them. That will enable them to resume their important roles in the health and well-being of society.


Edward Stringham

A Tribute to the Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Page

After all this is ended and we are left with the wreckage, and huge questions about why the U.S. followed the path of lockdown rather than allowing the medical system and individuals primary responsibility for disease mitigation, the Journal will be seen as a heroic voice in the midst of disaster.


Robert Hughes

May 2020 Business Conditions Monthly

AIER’s Leading and Roughly Coincident Indicators indexes drop to 33, reflecting the economic devastation.


Alexander W. Salter

The Fed Wants to Become a Financial Central Planner

To everyone as outraged by this process as I am: it’s time we shouted far and wide what the Fed is up to. If we let them get away with it, politicians and macroeconomic policy experts will be able to control financial markets, and hence our lives, to a degree never before obtained in a free society.


John Tamny

The Economic Fundamentals of Jobs

The only answer, as always, is to end the lockdowns as soon as possible so that businesses can resume with market-disciplined investors and the marketplace itself guiding their decisions.


Donald J. Boudreaux

The Magnitude of the Economic Challenge Even in Normal Times

To rely only on select and officially approved researchers, or to ignore ideas from all or even some foreigners, is to unnecessarily reduce the number of human beings working to discover from among an incalculably vast number of possible chemical arrangements the one or a few that might render the coronavirus harmless.


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