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Emile Phaneuf

The Future Will Be Flatter than Ever

“Thomas Friedman declared in his 2005 book The World is Flat, that the world is flat. This “flattening” (or leveling of the playing field, as we might think of it) continues today in radically new ways that Friedman may not have imagined.” ~ Emile Phaneuf


Robert Hughes

Private Payrolls Add 406,000 Jobs in April

“Payroll gains remained strong in April, providing support for growth. However, sustained price pressures, a new Fed tightening cycle, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and renewed lockdowns in China are significant risks for the economy.” ~ Robert Hughes


Robert E. Wright

Betting on Social Media

“MIBM platforms don’t need thought police or feckless fact checkers, they need to enable the types of nonviolent signals and claims markets long found in taverns. The recent easing of gambling laws in many states will help.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Habi Zhang

The Campus of Sacred Feelings

“To feel is easy and convenient, whereas to think (the prerequisite for public discourse) requires strenuous effort while bringing enormous discomfort because the mind will be unsettled.” ~ Habi Zhang


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