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Robert Hughes

Private-Sector Job Openings and Quits Hit New Highs in March

“Private-sector job openings and quits rose to new record highs in March. Labor difficulties, material shortages, and logistical issues as well as high inflation, a new Fed tightening cycle, and global economic disruptions are threatening the U.S. economy.” ~ Robert Hughes


Donald J. Boudreaux

“Let Us Not Mistake Words for Things”

“During New York state’s 1788 convention to ratify the newly drafted US Constitution, Alexander Hamilton warned ‘let us not mistake words for things.’ This wise warning has wide applicability still today.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Nicholas Curott

The Fed is Responsible for Great Inflations

“It’s time the Fed accepts responsibility and moves decisively to curb inflation before the problem gets even worse. Volcker’s Fed whipped inflation, and Powell’s Fed can, too.” ~ Nicholas Curott & Tyler A. Watts


Mark Pulliam

William F. Buckley’s Encounter With Evil

“The moral of this tragic story is that people are often too trusting of criminals professing their innocence, and ignore the reality of human nature: Evil exists.” ~ Mark Pulliam


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