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Robert Hughes

Manufacturing Survey Suggests Strong Demand, Materials Shortages, and Rising Prices

“The Institute for Supply Management survey of manufacturers suggests ongoing expansion for the sector in April, but also continued production and logistical issues as well as rising materials costs.” – Robert Hughes


Richard M. Ebeling

Biden’s Agenda of “Democratic” Paternalism and Planning

“Joe Biden and Xi Jinping both believe that the national interest comes before the individual’s peaceful interest; that the collective take priority over the person; that the state must have the authority and power to assign and direct most or all aspects of people’s lives and actions; and that constitutional rules and procedures written on pieces of paper are less important than the implementing, imposing, and achieving of the purposes in ‘the plan.'” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Ethan Yang

China Unleashes Financial Tech Crackdown

“This fintech crackdown could be emblematic of China’s authoritarian growing pains and it remains to be seen if they will even be able to balance economic progress with political control. This move will certainly have consequences for short-term investment and economic growth in China. Perhaps this is how the free world breaks China’s authoritarian model, by forcing them to increasingly compete on the open market or risk sliding into irrelevance.” ~ Ethan Yang


Paul Alexander

Lockdowns are No Substitute for Focused Protection

“Good public health policy must reflect this interwoven relationship between pathogen, pathology, and social and economic equality, not merely impose the blunt and devastating ‘nonpharmaceutical interventions’ indiscriminately on the whole of the population.” ~ AIER Contributing Authors


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