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May 2, 2021
Jeffrey Tucker

Is the US Economy a Virtual Reality?

“It’s impossible to know precisely what the future portends for all these unprecedented policy shocks over the last year, from money supply and spending bonanzas to lockdowns to sky-high debt accumulation. But because a thing called cause-and-effect still operates in this world – we do not live in virtual reality – it seems wise to look at the seemingly great aggregate data with a gravely skeptical eye. We might be in the midst of the calm before the real storm hits.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Robert E. Wright

“The” Science Is Coming for You Again!

“To effectively ban menthol cigarettes, the FDA will have to ban tobacco entirely, something it has admitted is not in its power to do. Or it would have to destroy the environments in which mint grows naturally throughout the world and ban all possible chemical substitutes and their constituent parts. This is why liberty lovers always warn about the ‘slippery slope’ of regulatory authoritarianism. Effectively banning just one simple thing usually requires widespread repression.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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