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Universal Basic Income: How Crazy of an Idea Is It Really?

Aleksandra Przegalinska, Vice Rector at Kozminski University and AIER Research Fellow interviews Robert Wright on the meaning, intent and practicality of universal basic income as an economic policy and moral conundrum for free societies.


Ethan Yang

The Blockchain and the Future of Everything

“The current apparatus of centralized data processing and storage is not only incapable of adequately handling the prerequisite needs of this digital society, but it might also turn it into a dystopia. What we need is a highly decentralized and efficient infrastructure that is impervious to manipulation. Blockchain technology seems to be the essential component to make the digitized society of the future a foundation for empowerment and growth rather than an Orwellian nightmare.” ~ Ethan Yang


Antony Davies

When Politicians Say Fair Tax, They Only Mean More Tax

“So what exactly is anyone’s ‘fair share?’ That’s a hard question, and it’s made harder still when people tasked with answering it do everything they can to avoid answering it. As long as this continues, calls for the rich to pay ‘their fair share’ will never end because, in light of the numbers, proponents seem not to mean ‘fair’ at all. They simply mean, ‘more.'” ~ Antony Davies & James R. Harrigan


J.P. Koning

Why Do Cryptocurrencies Use So Much Energy?

“Critics are upset about the energy consumption of cryptocurrencies. But it’s not the energy needs of these products that is the problem. Let niche communities enjoy their strange energy-intensive activities. Rather, what is disturbing is that most consumers of cryptocurrencies don’t perceive the true cost of the services they are using. And so these very, very expensive products have, by accident, gone mainstream.” ~ J.P. Koning


Robert E. Wright

Why Is Government Abusing the Children?

“A snow or hurricane day here and there provides students with a treat, but a Covid-Zoom year is just plain child abuse (and taxpayer abuse). So push back on government-owned education and government-regulated childcare, if not for yourselves then for the children, the poor, defenseless, masked, emotionally and physically damaged future leaders of our country.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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