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Robert Hughes

Consumer Sentiment Ticked Up in April, but the Level Remains Low

“Consumer sentiment ended higher in April but remains consistent with prior recessions. Elevated risks are sustaining a high level of uncertainty for the economic outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes


William J. Luther

Prices Continue to Rise, Exceeding Fed Projections

“The Fed seems resolved to see inflation climb further. I expect FOMC members will revise up their projections of inflation again in June. They should revise their course of action, to bring inflation down as planned, instead.” ~ William J. Luther


Richard M. Ebeling

Political Paternalism, Not Free Markets, Cause Economic Shocks

“What we are suffering from is not a crisis of ‘capitalism,’ or free markets, or ‘neoliberalism.’ We are facing the consequences of the interventionist and regulatory state.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Richard Gunderman

Tolstoy, Smith, and the Perils of Loneliness

“What ultimately renders Smith’s discussion of the social passions so necessary today is his deep respect for their inherent dignity—our need to love and be loved does not flow from anything else.” ~ Richard Gunderman


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