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Initial Claims
Robert Hughes

Consumer Optimism Continued to Plunge in April

Consumer attitudes deteriorated sharply in April and are likely to show heightened volatility in coming months amid a weak economy and damaged labor market.


Gerald P. Dwyer

What Is Essential Is Subjective

Part of the argument for shutting down “inessential” activities is that it is better to have fewer people going to work. This may have been a plausible argument while “flattening the curve.” It misses an important problem beyond that time frame.


Robert E. Wright

Where Are the Reopening Experiments?

Again, I think that most places could re-open now, and indeed should never have shut down in the first place, but if politicians insist on taking the cautious approach, they should at least have to provide some empirical evidence that re-opening would lead to a spike in deaths. The only way to do that is to experiment.


Michael Munger

After the Virus, Universities Will Survive

Attracting students to a bricks-and-mortar campus requires a mix, or bundle, of services that cannot be easily replicated, even piecemeal, and which nowhere are available as a bundle with such convenience.


Jeffrey Tucker

“I’ve Lost Faith in Humanity”: The Psychological Toll of the Lockdown

I asked people on my Twitter feed to tell their stories. My inbox has been flooded with an outpouring of desperate sadness, rage, shock, and horror. I can only share some with you here. I’m changing any details that might violate their privacy rights.


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