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Employment report
Robert Hughes

Consumer Confidence Surges for a Second Month in a Row

“Consumer attitudes improved significantly again in April, as widening vaccine distribution and easing government restrictions boost economic activity and job prospects.” – Robert Hughes


Joakim Book

What Chess Can Teach Us About Economic Justice

“Congrats to all the hard-working chess-producers out there: you deserve every cent you earn – even the ones that governments steal from you. In any counterfactual world, we’d want somebody’s skills and work and knowledge, in which case they would deserve that wealth. It had to be someone, and it happened to be you. Congrats!” ~ Joakim Book


Carlos Rodriguez Braun

The State Is Not Entrepreneurial

“But the State is not a company, and McCloskey and Mingardi dismantle the theoretical errors of Professor Mazzucato, who, like many others, prefers to ignore the analysis of the nature and consequences of the fundamental characteristic of the State: the monopoly of legitimate coercion.” ~ Carlos Rodríguez Braun


Ethan Yang

Are Covid Fatalities Comparable with the 1918 Spanish Flu?

“It is clear that Covid-19 claimed many lives. However, it is also clear that there is a substantial presence of statistical noise from comorbidities and increases in death from other causes. This raises many questions not just about the collateral damage of our policy response, but also about whether we are even operating with the appropriate information to be making such decisions with people’s lives in the first place.” ~ Ethan Yang


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