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Edward Stringham

This Short Video Replaces a Month’s Worth of News

This post appears in the interest of the general principle that no one can be always serious all the time. What you have here is an example of the brilliance and creativity of decentralize media. And it does serve as a viable replacement for a full month of news.


Bob Luddy

Urgent Appeal to Governors: Lift Restrictions Now

Healthy people have been paralyzed in fear by the media and your health advisers to the point of great distrust and hysteria. Every citizen is now considered a suspect who may carry the virus, and even family members don’t trust one other. In calmer times, this may be referred to as (state-sponsored) paranoia.


Rosolino Candela

The Glorious Innovation of Containerization

However, entrepreneurial innovation has unintended benefits that no one, not even the entrepreneur devising the innovation, can fully anticipate. To put the current fears regarding the global supply chain in perspective, let us imagine a world in which McLean never discovered the containership.


Donald J. Boudreaux

Some Questions that Must Be Answered Before Adopting a Policy of Medical-Supply Self-Sufficiency

It’s very easy to declare that ‘we should be self-sufficient in medical supplies,’ but it’s not at all easy to define just what this declaration means or to grasp all that it entails.


Richard M. Ebeling

The Conquest of America by Communist China

We are all Chinese communists now, with almost no, de facto, real and meaningful autonomy and discretion over our own lives and our ways of earning a living. We are pawns on a society-wide chess board, who are told what to do and where to stand and if anything goes wrong, we are the first to be considered expendable in the great political chess game of politicians asserting to know what is in the “national interest” and why we must be made to obey it.


Peter Boettke

A Public Choice Warning About Media

Don’t expect the media to be a watchdog for accountability in its current manifestation, but instead be your own watchdog by learning to critically question the concepts and facts presented.


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