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Theodore Cangero

Fixing Too Big to Fail

Regulators misdiagnosed the causes of the 2007–8 financial crisis when they blamed private sector greed and largely ignored the role of government policy, which in fact laid the groundwork for the financial crisis. But the CBO has introduced an intriguing solution to the failed policies from before and after the crisis. In particular, the Community […]


Patrick Coate

How Much Does Trade Affect Employment?

How much does import competition affect U.S. jobs? We at AIER have always argued for the benefits of free trade, but it is still worth understanding what happens to those who may lose their jobs because of international competition. The benefits from trade far outweigh the costs, but as we wrote in February, one reason […]


Max Gulker

Could Gold-Backed Digital Currency Conquer Fiat Money?

A freely traded digital currency backed by gold may be just around the corner. This week, at the MIT Technology Review’s Business of Blockchain conference, I heard Sandra Ro of CME Group (which operates the world’s largest futures and options exchange) discuss a partnership with the U.K.’s Royal Mint to offer a digital currency called […]


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