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Robert Hughes

Existing Home Sales Fell Again as Prices Rise and Inventory Remains Very Low

“Existing-home sales fell again in March, but supply remains very tight. Shifting housing preferences, record-high prices, and surging mortgage rates are likely to impact demand over the coming months and quarters.” ~ Robert Hughes


Byron Carson

Social Capital Mediates COVID-19 Vaccinations

“In Tocqueville’s visit to America, he is struck by an ‘equality of conditions’—his approach to social capital. Perhaps we should pay more attention to the equality of values people hold dear. Public health is important, but so is personal freedom.” ~ Byron B. Carson III


David Gillette

The True Cost of a Hamburger

“Subsidies’ dollar value, unfortunately, do not cover their full cost. Meat production costs reach the environment, the neighborhood, and the market.” ~ David Gillette & Warren Barge


George Leef

Should We Replace Racial Preferences with Socio-Economic Preferences?

“Preferences of any kind—racial, legacy, athletic, or socio-economic—are a bad idea. College officials should resist the urge to engage in social engineering and just admit students based on their academic ability and eagerness to learn.” ~ George Leef


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