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Jeffrey Tucker

The Lockdown Paradigm Is Collapsing

“What will replace lockdown ideology? We can hope it will be the realization that the old principles of public health served us well, as did the legal and moral principles of human rights and restrictions on the powers of government.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Ethan Yang

Lockdown, Labor Laws, and the Digital Economy

“Our economy is in the midst of an awesome transformation, and Covid-19 just accelerated that timeline. No central planner in Washington, DC will be able to predict how things will change nor will the political process be of any help. This is something that individual firms and their employees will need to figure out for themselves through a rigorous process of trial and error in the market.” ~ Ethan Yang


Donald J. Boudreaux

The Great Barrington Declaration and Ad Hominem Argumentation

“The greatest compliment paid to the Great Barrington Declaration, therefore, is one wholly unintended: Many of its staunchest opponents offer against it nothing beyond ad hominem attacks and accusations of guilt by association. This Declaration must indeed be powerful!” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Richard M. Ebeling

Armed Self-Defense is Essential in a Free Society

“We need not and indeed should not fall victim to one more of the collectivist ailments practiced more intensely in other parts of the world: the disarming of the people under the dangerous notion that the private citizenry cannot be trusted and should not be allowed to have the means of self-defense against potential private and political aggressors in society.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


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