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April 17, 2021

Bill Maher’s Insightful and Funny Covid Monologue

“Bill Maher has been a voice for sanity from the beginning of the lockdowns, raising plenty of questions along the way. His latest material is gold, however. He rightly decries the politicization of medicine and the manner in which the media has been a handmaiden of panic throughout. Let us hope that his monologue, transcript below, is a foreshadowing of what will soon emerge as the conventional wisdom.” ~ AIER


Robert E. Wright

Abuse Escalation

“Balance is needed so that all who may legally vote can do so at the lowest possible cost consistent with a rapid and accurate tally. Most Americans are probably smart enough to realize that, but they may be too cowed by their abuser and its numerous and powerful minions to resist.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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