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Art Carden

Pandemics and the Great Mind Fallacy

A lot of people stop listening to economists when struggle to precisely articulate and explain the “solution” in minute detail. Yet it is precisely because we cannot specify in advance precisely how ‘the market’ will address the problem that makes markets indispensable.


William J. Luther

Soaring Unemployment Benefits Will Delay Recovery

Policymaking is not easy. And policymaking in a pandemic is harder still. The CARES Act is a huge expenditure package. Some of it is likely to promote a speedy recovery. But some of it will drag the recession out unnecessarily.


Arthur Diamond

Free to Choose a Possible Cure

Of course much is uncertain. The outcomes of racing in NASCAR, climbing Mount Everest, and launching into space are uncertain. Yet we allow adults to choose to race, climb, and launch. So, how can we forbid a patient with Covid-19 from taking experimental drugs?


Joakim Book

Mortality Rates Were Already Rising in America. Why?

In 2017 alone, counts Case and Deaton, 158,000 Americans died from deaths of despair, most of them white; almost all of them with, at best, a high school diploma.


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