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Art Carden

Another Stack of Books You Should Read

One lesson you should take from that is that as much as this sounds like the takeaway point from a bad high school commencement address, the end of your formal schooling is just the beginning of a life of sustained inquiry.


Jeffrey Tucker

Bourbon Exports: Casualty of the Trade War

The carnage of the trade war is everywhere but doesn’t always make the headlines. Consider for example the export markets for American liquor.


Max Gulker

We Should All Regulate Facebook and Google

Relying exclusively on regulators to protect oneself against identity theft and other inappropriate uses of data is like leaving one’s car keys in the ignition because a would-be car thief faces the threat of jail time.


Chloe Anagnos

Private Enterprise — Not Government — Will Save Notre Dame

As we see in the aftermath of this tragedy, it is private citizens like them who truly care, while governments such as Macron’s will often leave publicly owned monuments on the verge of abandonment. It is only when major incidents like this happen that we truly appreciate private ownership.


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