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Robert Hughes

Strong Gain in Industrial Output in March

“Industrial output rose again in March. However, a range of economic and geopolitical issues continue to restrain the ability of manufacturers to meet the significantly higher demand that has emerged following the lockdown recession.” ~ Robert Hughes


Donald J. Boudreaux

On Securing Sources of Supplies: Should Government Repatriate ‘Supply Chains?’

“Private firms already have powerful incentives to ensure that they are optimally secured against supply disruptions. Any government intervention would then upset these optimal private arrangements.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Robert Mulligan

Understanding the CPI

“Regardless of substitution, businesses have to use some commodities for production. With PPI inflation for all commodities at 24 percent, though that does not necessarily forecast a future CPI increase that high, it strongly suggests CPI inflation will continue to rise.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


Steven Smith

Can We Teach the “Federalist Papers” Today?

“The virtues of a bourgeois republic – honesty, compromise, tolerance, and fair-dealing – seem pale in comparison to the demands for social justice here and now.  As a student of mine once said, ‘I need something to help me get up in the morning.’” ~ Steven B. Smith


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