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Retail sales
Robert Hughes

Retail Sales Plunge in March

Retail sales were sharply lower in March and are likely to show significant weakness over the next several months.


Jeffrey Tucker

Virtual Seminars on the World Crisis (Video)

If there is one lesson we should learn it is that diseases should be managed as medical matters, not opportunities for politicians and regulators to try out their theories and powers on the rest of the population.


1619 Project: A Critique
Phillip W. Magness

The 1619 Project: A Critique

In The 1619 Project: A Critique, I evaluate a number of factual and interpretive claims and provides an accessible resource for readers wishing to navigate the scholarly disputes, offering my own interpretive take on claims pertaining to areas of history in which I have worked.


Michael Munger

Five Things That Will End the Madness

Winston Churchill famously said: “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” We are not at the end of the damage to the world economy from COVID-19, but we are, perhaps, at the end of the beginning. Here are our next steps.


Joakim Book

Prices Should Change in a Pandemic Shutdown

After all, it’s not the sellers of oranges, toilet paper or water bottles that put the “exploited” buyers in their current predicaments. In contrast, they’re the saviors that offer them a way out.


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