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Phillip W. Magness

Now It’s Obvious: The Political Class and the Media Are Spinning Tales

Rather than accepting the epistemic limitations of the current crisis as a reason to abstain from aggressive policies, they double down on the same. And when their chosen courses go awry or fail to deliver on their promised salvation, history is rewritten to obscure the fact that such promises were ever made.


Robert Hughes

Weekly Data Portend Weak Retail Sales

Retail sales are collapsing as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. The U.S. entered a recession in March ending the record long expansion.


Richard Salsman

Tripartite Governance: A Guidepost for Proper Policymaking

Public governance may be the most prominent or dominant type of governance in our lives, but we mustn’t ignore or deny that there are three main types of governance: public governance, private governance, and personal governance.


Richard M. Ebeling

Will there Be Tyranny in the Post-Coronavirus World?

Fully entering into such a world, we really would be in George Orwell’s “newspeak:” coercion is liberty; command and control is freedom; political paternalism is self-realization; government planning is free association; collective decision-making is personal choice.


Vincent Geloso

Spanish Flu Was Awful But We Moved On Anyway

The Spanish Flu killed at least 50 million individuals in the span of a few months and contributed to a industrial production and commercial activity drop of between 16% to 25% in less than a year. Here are three prudent lessons on how to minimize long-term costs brought by temporary behavioral changes enacted to slow the propagation of the coronavirus.


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