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Jeffrey Tucker

Ludwig von Mises on Intellectual Obligation in Times of Crisis

“Are we willing to throw ourselves into the intellectual battle to make things right, to restore and secure essential liberties and rights, to erect barriers that make it impossible for the ruling class ever to attempt such an experiment again? Or will we be grateful that we can at least exercise some limited freedoms, however temporarily, and acquiesce to the idea that there is nothing wrong with a medical/industrial regime that acts arbitrarily and at its own discretion?” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Robert Hughes

Energy Price Surge Continues to Drive Everyday Prices Higher

“AIER’s Everyday Price Index jumped 1.2 percent in March as energy prices surged for a third consecutive month.” – Robert Hughes


Jordan Schachtel

The Free World Died of Covid-19

“The demand for the recognition of basic human freedoms will soon become too obvious to ignore. There are many paths for a new Free World to emerge, but for now, the old Free World as a uniting force for Western values is a relic of history.” ~ Jordan Schachtel


Richard M. Ebeling

Carl Menger’s Theory of Institutions and Market Processes

“Let us hope that the 150th anniversary of both the ‘marginalist’ revolution, and Menger’s distinct development of it along with his ideas about the surrounding social and market processes, can serve as the inspiration for such a rethink when thinking about man, markets and the institutions in which we live.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Donald J. Boudreaux

On Vaccine Passports and the Interpretation of Reality

“Where I see liberal civilization being brutally transformed by a Covidocracy into what David Hart calls a ‘hygiene socialist’ society, other people see civilization being compassionately reset into a safer and more humane arrangement in which, presumably, no one ever again will be killed or even discomforted by pathogens. Where other people see a dream, I see a nightmare.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


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