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David Waugh

Zero COVID Horror Show in Shanghai

“Under the classical liberal ideal, governments are formed to protect individual rights. Nothing could be further from this in Shanghai. A city of over 25 million people is being dehumanized because of a spike in largely asymptomatic COVID-19 cases.” ~ David Waugh


Robert Hughes

AIER’s Everyday Price Index Surges 3.0 Percent in March

“AIER’s Everyday Price Index surged in March as upward price pressures continue. Global economic turmoil surrounding the Russian invasion of Ukraine and a new Fed tightening cycle are boosting uncertainty for the economy.” ~ Robert Hughes


Robert E. Wright

Liberty Gardens

“Maybe America has hit rock bottom and the current travails will induce a return to limited government. Until then, though, I suggest that you remove the rocks from your own garden, and plant yourself some Liberty this spring, summer, and fall.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Max Borders

Subversive Innovation: A Strategic Reading of Nozick’s Framework for Utopia

“I suggest we reshuffle Nozick’s thesis to transform his theoretical framework into a practical mindset. We can use the Framework as a strategic lens for spawning subversive innovations that promise each of us a society that comes closest to our ideals.” ~ Max Borders


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