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Phillip W. Magness

Big Tobacco, Small Minds

“The BMJ appears to only selectively exempt its contributors from its own financial standards, because it turns out that one of the authors of the attack on AIER has a far more direct connection to Big Tobacco than minor and indirect stock market investments.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


Barry Brownstein

Taming the Dictator Within, Part 1

“Beware of treating human beings, in an economy or organization or your personal life, as problems to be solved. We are imperfect material; our errors are corrected in the course of a social process.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Ryan Young

The Case for Paying College Athletes

“The NCAA is a cartel, and acts like one. The new NIL rules are the start of something fairer and more honest. But it isn’t enough. Players should be paid for the value they create, same as everyone else.” ~ Ryan Young


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