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Daniel Mitchell

Three Reasons to Reject Biden’s Tax Harmonization Scheme for “Global Minimum Taxation”

“It goes without saying that if politicians are able to create a tax cartel, it will merely be a matter of time before they ratchet up the tax rate. Simply stated, they won’t have to worry about an exodus of jobs and investment because all countries will be obliged to have the same bad approach.” ~ Daniel J. Mitchell


Scott Scheall

Science Is More Complex than Advertised

“The perpetuation of the myth of ‘The Scientific Method’ encourages the pretense that we understand science. More to the point, it encourages the false notion that, because we understand science so well, we can always rely on the implications of a thing called ‘The Science’ as the fount of all political wisdom.” ~ Scott Scheall


Robert Hughes

Initial Claims Rise Again but the Outlook for Jobs Remains Positive

“Initial claims ticked up for the second consecutive week, but the outlook continues to improve as government restrictions on consumers and businesses are eased.” – Robert Hughes


Art Carden

Bryan Caplan: A Birthday Appreciation

“Bryan Caplan is a model intellectual citizen and a model scholar. Because of his influence, I am a better economist and scholar, but importantly I am also a better husband, father, and friend. If you’re looking to sharpen your mind during a time when the world seems to be going crazy, Bryan Caplan’s commentary is a very good place to start.” ~ Art Carden


Peter C. Earle

Covid’s Vindication of Free Movement

“This pandemic is not ending because borders were sufficiently impenetrable. But it must be said that its effects have been mitigated because many of the most essential forms of capital continued to flow. If the free movement of people, goods, and ideas could pull the world out of one of its darkest chapters, there’s no telling what the same openness could yield during brighter days. And, hopefully, will.” ~ Peter C. Earle


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