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Jeffrey Tucker

Our Ten Days that Shook the World

After that day in New York, our worlds began to shut down. The following day, a national emergency was declared. Then the CDC recommended against 50 or more people. France locked down. Borders closed. Then the unthinkable scenario unfolded.


John Tamny

Peter Navarro Has Got to Go

To Navarro, the answer to every question is always and everywhere erecting barriers to the production of others. To say he amazingly believes something is to pretend a lot of thinking informs what he says. Probably not.


Robert Hughes

Historic Drop in Small-Business Optimism As COVID-19 Spreads

Small-business confidence plunged in March as COVID-19 stifled expectations.


Robert E. Wright

Is this America’s Turning Point?

The real problem is the loss of what Bill White called America’s Fiscal Constitution, a set of borrowing and budget rules first developed by Alexander Hamilton, America’s first Treasury Secretary. The idea was that the federal government should keep a lot of “dry powder” so that it could borrow to fight wars, purchase territory, and respond to shocks.


Art Carden

Do Economists Believe in “Magic”? No, We Believe in Markets

The entire dismal science rests on this very, very simple insight: specialization makes our labor more productive. We could complicate this in all sorts of different ways, and that’s exactly what we do when we move from specialization to supply and demand.


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