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James Hanley

The Battle for 1.5 Degrees of Warming Is Already Lost, So What’s Plan B?

“If the understanding of the link between CO2 and warming is correct, we are not stopping at 1.5 degrees warmer than in the pre-industrial era. The IPCC indicates that we are likely to experience between 2 and 3 degrees of warming. So what do we do?” ~ James E. Hanley


James Bovard

Corrupt Federal Statistics Mask Government Cons

“Politicians often rig reporting requirements to hide the damage their laws inflict. Anyone who has blind faith in federal data is unfit to judge public policy in the real world.” ~ James Bovard


Gary Galles

How Much Can We Trust Supposed Earmark Reforms?

“Every time Americans are assured they will be ‘insured’ against earmark abuses, it is made to sound like real reform. But that insurance is far more image than substance. Perhaps that is why for some K Street lobbyists, ‘It means joy, rapture, hallelujah.’” ~ Gary M. Galles


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