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Jeffrey Tucker

YouTube Censors Florida Governor DeSantis and His Science Advisors

“The pulling of the roundtable video comes a day after the total humiliation of 60 Minutes in many stories that defended the governor. Its deletion of the most viewed version online denies viewers the opportunity to observe DeSantis’s impressive knowledge on the subject of the coronavirus and the public policy response.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Joakim Book

The Geographic History of Us

“Dartnell’s lesson isn’t that geography determines, but that geography shapes. It set the ground rules for how the climate behaves, how the currents run and the winds blow, and along those rules all human history progressed. ‘The Earth,’ he appropriately ends, ‘shaped our history.'” ~ Joakim Book


Donald Siegel

The Brooklyn Variant of the Coronavirus: Fuggedaboutit

“It is important to note that the infectious disease experts are benefitting from a prolonged pandemic, in terms of grants, power, and media attention. Thus, asking them for permission to return to normal is like keeping the porch light out for Jimmy Hoffa. It is time for everyone to voluntarily catch the Brooklyn variant of the coronavirus, say fuggedaboutit, and stop acting like a plucked chicken.” ~ Donald Siegel & Robert Sauer


William J. Luther

The Promise of Cryptocurrencies

“Cryptocurrencies have the potential to improve upon both commodity and fiat monies. If designed properly, a cryptocurrency would anchor long-run expectations and provide timely supply adjustments at a lower cost than commodity and fiat monies.” ~ William J. Luther


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