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Robert Hughes

Job Openings Rates Hit Record Highs

“The job openings rate hit a record in February, adding to the run of improved labor market data. Continued reductions of lockdown rules are boosting the economic outlook.” – Robert Hughes


John Tamny

No, This Was Not Federalism at Work

“As opposed to deferring to the states, the federal government acted in ‘size’ fashion, thus making the life, economy and freedom-wrecking lockdowns much more stringent, all the while elongating them. When we needed the genius of states’ rights the most, panicky politicians trampled on them. Here’s hoping a strategy that was so inimical to knowledge, health and economic vitality is not attempted again.” ~ John Tamny


Richard M. Ebeling

Dangerous Monetary Manipulations and Fiscal Follies

“What is clear is that the types of monetary, fiscal and regulatory policies being implemented and projected by the Biden Administration, the Democrat-controlled Congress and the Federal Reserve are all leading America down a dangerous and destabilizing road, any recovery from which will not be easy or cheap.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Paul Alexander

If You Had Covid, Do You Need the Vaccine?

“We implore health care providers to explain the benefits and risks to their patients, in full, so that they can be fully informed in their decision-making. This can only happen if there is: 1) immediate suspension of coercive tactics, 2) physician supervision and orders for vaccination, 3) public information presented with fair balance as it would with any pharmaceutical or device product.” ~ AIER Contributing Authors


Jeffrey Tucker

China’s Digital Currency Has Nothing to do with Bitcoin

“Governments who attempt to create their own crypto now are merely seeking to bathe in the warmth of one of our epoch’s greatest creations even while they eschew everything that made Bitcoin and other tokens so wonderful. The market itself is now in a position to decide. In the long term, the market will choose its friends over its enemies.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker & Peter C. Earle


Jordan Schachtel

New York’s Vaccine Passport Program Is Already Failing

“Vaccine passports are inhumane, discriminatory, and will lead America on a direct path to a China-like social credit score system that restricts our unalienable rights. The good news for you New Yorkers is that the Cuomo Administration and IBM are the dream team of incompetence. Excelsior Pass will almost certainly fail, because a legacy governor and a legacy tech outfit are not sophisticated enough to produce a working totalitarian product for their COVID Safety Regime.” ~ Jordan Schatchel


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