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Robert Hughes

Services-Sector Shows Improvement in March

“Services-sector expansion broadened in March as labor shortages eased slightly but materials shortages and price pressures continue. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a new source of price pressure and disruption to the global economy.” ~ Robert Hughes


Max Borders

Explaining Free Speech to the Twitterati (Elon Musk Edition)

“Digital mobs will still be able to ruin people’s lives. But as long as Musk liberalizes Twitter’s speech policies, the free-speech reductionists will have to decide whether they want to stick around for the steady diet of real diversity.” ~ Max Borders


John Tamny

If You’re Focused On Amazon’s Competition, You’re Missing the Future

“We despise dominance to our everlasting detriment. Commercial dominance in the present is the surest sign of future progress. This truth was plainly alluded to by Frontline’s producers, but not grasped.” ~ John Tamny


Robert E. Wright

Nudge Off, Paternalists!

“Americans don’t want bureaucrats, as flawed in the head as anyone else, to try to protect them from themselves. Heal thyself, O regulators! Get back to us when you no longer suffer from debilitating cognitive biases yourselves.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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