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Jeffrey Tucker

With Knowledge Comes Calm, Rationality, and, Possibly, Openness

To the extent we can replace fear-based mythology, predictions, and state power with knowledge rooted in empirical realities, that is to say, actual facts, we get closer to comprehending the possibility of calm and focus on what matters.


Richard Salsman

Unwealthy is Unhealthy, So Why Mandate It?

Standard claims about the supposed net benefits of mandatory lockdowns, shutdowns, and shut-ins are dubious on both economic and moral grounds; as such, they’re woefully improper, even dangerous, when used to justify destructive public policymaking.


Joakim Book

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Not Exponential

It is farcical that people who until a few weeks ago couldn’t even spell the word “exponential” – let alone explain what it meant – ran straight across this intellectually hysterical spectrum and made the opposite mistake: drawing exponential curves until they ran out of paper or whiteboards.


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